The Way of the Gentle Space Maker

How to Heal a World Broken by Black Magic Power

The Book

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This is a book about power. What it is, how to use it, and why when it goes wrong, it is so very bad, but when it goes right—it can be so very good.

As an academic, Dr Stephen Backhouse is a political philosopher and internationally recognised expert on nationalism and other religious dynamics at play in modern politics. As a consultant he specialises in helping organisations envision, gather and use their power well.

In this book Dr Backhouse brings both his scholarly and professional light to bear on the way we imagine and use power in all areas of life. He identifies two main ways we do this. The most popular way, unfortunately, is a malignant one: “black magic power.” 

The argument is not that our leaders are actually practicing black magic, rather that the way we envision and enact power in our daily lives is exactly similar to the way magicians envision and enact their power. Magic is not the worship of the devil: it is the accumulation and application of power through the focus of the will and the domination of the weak. 

This is the way of the strong man and the overweening majority. The world of nationalism, populism, and the raging, cancelling mob. It is the practice of forcing one’s agenda through the system, of zero-sum games and creating simplistic narratives devoid of alternatives. It is the power we see at work in our businesses, governments, charities, and faith groups. It bears more than a passing resemblance to the vision of power employed by black magicians. 

And it is destroying the world.

The better way seeks to serve as many lives as possible. It builds institutions and places where people are not snuffed out, but can flourish. It can receive criticism and live at peace with complexity. The term “gentle space” refers to the environments that are made when people use the power they have to empower others. This is the way of the gentle space maker. It has ancient and venerable roots. It works. And it is all too rare.

The Way of the Gentle Space Maker will teach readers to identify the malignant forces of power working in the most important areas of our world—religion, politics, media, and economics—and how to counter those forces and heal our culture through gentle space making.

Proposed Contents

The Way of the Gentle Space Maker
How to Heal a World Broken by Black Magic Power


Part One
Chapter 1      Black Magic Power 
Chapter 2     Gentle Space and other Gifts 

Part Two
Chapter 3      Religion 
Chapter 4     Politics 
Chapter 5      Money 
Chapter 6      Media